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Re: Suing Dell --Any Consumer Rights?

__/ [rc1378] on Friday 04 November 2005 16:48 \__

> Legal experts,
> I have a strong urge to sue Dell for forcing its customers to purchase
> a copy of Microsoft OS while purchasing a laptop/notebook. I just think
> its insane where the consumer is actually being the victim. I know all
> other major players in the business are doing the same.
> This monoply needs to be stopped.
> What are my legal rights??  Am I asking for too much?
> Thanks

What can/will be said in defence:

- An open PC is available

- Go buy a computer somewhere else

- We believe Windows to be a good operating system

On  the contrary, what can is considered illegal practice (although it has
no  concrete proof) is that PC's with a blank hard-drives are more  expen-
sive  than  PC's with Windows pre-installed. This suggests that there  are
kick-backs  involved,  but this requires a lawsuit at a level higher  than
that of an individual's.

If you insist, try alt.legal, or better try a newsgroup that is alive such
as  uk.legal.  I recently ignited a big thread there. I asked the  readers
about  if  Microsoft can be blamed for these 1000+ zombies that attack  my
site every day.


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