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Re: Jagger 3 (Another Update)

__/ [Stacey] on Sunday 06 November 2005 14:02 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:dkkvut$hrg$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> __/ [Roy Schestowitz] on Saturday 05 November 2005 06:25 \__
>>> http://www.beanstalk-inc.com/blog/2005/11/jagger-3-update-goes-live.html
>>> <snip>
>>>   As with most of Google's updates they've kindly initiated it in the
>>>   evening on a Friday just to further insure that those of us in the
>>>   SEO industry are forced to work through the weekend. :)
>>> </snip>
>>> Roy
>> Yet another update (regarding Jagger) came from Google via their
>> messenger.
>> Yesterday evening Cutts said the following:
>>   "Starting yesterday, Jagger3 was visible at the
>>   data center. There?s still some minor flux on that data center,
>>   but it includes Jagger1, Jagger2, and Jagger3."
> Thanks for the update Roy.

I was about to post a follow-up to self, but parent and grandparent posts
would be odd if both came from the same poster. I just wanted to point out
that I could see the changes and should be the address
to be using. I assumed that some people were unaware of the ability to
'insist' on a particular datacentre (IP address). It is worth seeing the
post-Jagger effect before it propagates to all datacentres (not true as
yet). It at least break the suspense.

I can see changes on my sites, but it will be hard to say the overall impact
as I aim for no particular SERP's. Instead, I just use a sample in order to
infer something. I can at least see 'normality' re-attained, so I can
finally breathe out.


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