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Re: PageRank and Google Patent, Privacy (Was: Jagger 3 (Another Update))

__/ [Borek] on Sunday 06 November 2005 19:54 \__

> On Sun, 06 Nov 2005 20:25:11 +0100, Berimor <beromko@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> >    "Starting yesterday, Jagger3 was visible at the
>>> >    data center. There?s still some minor flux on that data center,
>>> >    but it includes Jagger1, Jagger2, and Jagger3."
>>> -2 to -10 depending on the KW.
>> My 3 sites used to have PR6 for last 2 years - today i discovered their
>> PR 4 !!!

PageRank is a measure status that is available (visible) to fewer people than
us Webmasters often imagine. Titles and word densities appear to be just as
important as PageRank. I wouldn't worry much about SERP's if I were you.

>> Hate google!!!
> I was refering to SERPS. PR update was few weeks ago, so you just
> didn't noticed PR change before. It is enough that you have lost
> one strong link for such PR drop.

I keep track of 4 domains and none has had a PR update for months. I do
expect major changes, so the update must be pending, or else I was neglected
in the update altogether. I check about a dozen pages regularly using a
script and I still wait for that update.

Let's not forget that MSN.com fell to PR2 some time ago and returned to PR9
about 5 days ago. PageRank is still erratic, at least in the toolbar(s).
Then indicator is sometimes greyed out, too.

> PR is a kind of measure of the net topology, Google reporting PR is
> only a messenger (sometimes erratic, but messenger only). You don't
> kill the messenger :)
> Google rules showing SERPs. If you don't like SERPs, you may hate
> Google. It won't help, but at least you may loose some steam
> swearing :)

Well, there are some unflattering articles about Google nonetheless.

Ney York Times this weekend:

    Wal-Mart, the nation?s largest retailer, often intimidates its
competitors and suppliers. Makers of goods from diapers to DVD's must cater
to its whims. But there is one company that even Wal-Mart eyes warily these
days: Google, a seven-year-old business in a seemingly distant industry.


    Wal-Mart is scarcely alone in its concern. As Google increasingly becomes
the starting point for finding information and buying products and services,
companies that even a year ago did not see themselves as competing with
Google are beginning to view the company with some angst - mixed with


    Google, the reigning giant of Web search, could extend its economic reach
in the next few years as more people get high-speed Internet service and
cellphones become full-fledged search tools, according to analysts. And
ever-smarter software, they say, will cull and organize larger and larger
digital storehouses of news, images, real estate listings and traffic
reports, delivering results that are more like the advice of a trusted human

Do you remember (or have read) what I said about using cookies to
individually tailor results?

Well, Google have just filed a patent (application number 20050240580 - long

4. A method of personalizing placed content associated with a search query,
comprising: receiving a search query from a user; accessing a user profile
associated with the user; identifying a set of placed content that matches
the search query; and ordering the set of placed content in accordance with
the user profile. 

Sounds like a privacy compromise to me. Also, it is a generic software patent
that cripples the competition and can kill innovation. They capitalise on
the idea of profiling people.


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