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Re: Microsoft to Write Satiric Post About Microsoft In COLA. Was: Re: Microsoft to Digitize 100,000 Books

__/ [Jesse F. Hughes] on Sunday 06 November 2005 12:51 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Other Microsoft initiatives that should be attributed to Google:
>> - Interactive maps
>> - Backlinks-based Web search
>> - Personalised pages / portaldom / minimalist light-weight pages
> Are you *sure* these should be attributed to Google?

No, but I was hoping that at least /some/ of Google's influence on its
competition would become prominent.

> "Portaldom"?  If you means internet portals like, say, Yahoo, they
> predate Google, no?

I thought about Yahoo when I wrote this. I also thought about google.com/im
and start.com although I am told that start.com predates all. I needed a
third point, so I picked up a very weak one. *smile*

> Interactive maps?  You mean like Yahoo maps or something else?

I think that Google were the first ones to use AJAX. All the other mapping
services were far less responsive. Google accumulated many engineers that
are well-orientated in cutting-edge Web technologies and that's why they
took the lead in that domain.


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