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Re: PageRank and Google Patent, Privacy (Was: Jagger 3 (Another Update))

__/ [www.1-script.com] on Monday 07 November 2005 01:56 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> <quote>
>> 4. A method of personalizing placed content associated with a search
>> query,
>> comprising: receiving a search query from a user; accessing a user
>> profile
>> associated with the user; identifying a set of placed content that
>> matches
>> the search query; and ordering the set of placed content in accordance
>> with
>> the user profile.
>> </quote>
> Aside from the privacy implications, it's just funny to see how
> advertisement has become a "set of placed content" all of a sudden.

I guess patents were aimed at science and other domains that brought
advancements to humanity. They were intended to motivate scientists.
Tailored results can be perceived that way, namely better accessibility to
knowledge, which is helpful, even to researchers.

Improve life by inventing a lightbulb; cure a disease by using a composition
of elements; the idea of "adverts" is a misfit though.

> User-tailored advertising has always been a marketer's dream, but was not
> possible due to technological limitations. Not anymore.
> What was the futuristic movie called where the main character's dog died,
> and he was walking by a pet store and the store ad display greeted him by
> name and showed him an ad about replacing a deceased pet with a clone?
> Pretty spooky indeed. Not so far fetched anymore.

The downside is this (presently far-fetched) prediction that at some point
we'll just stick some electrodes to our scalp and broadcast whatever pleases
us. It's worrying that people will have no reason to leave home and be
'normal'. Think of Internet junkies or iPodders with permanent set of
headphone in their ears. In an age when thoughts of people and their entire
life history easily get recorded, technology could take over.

You can see that in Amazon's book recommendations (patented) and my music
player (AmaroK) -- the core idea is studying a person's taste automatically
and work contextually... this extend to merely anything.


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