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Re: Mouse Gestures - Linux (Was: Opera experience - update)

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [Els] on Sunday 06 November 2005 13:46 \__
>> Charles Sweeney wrote:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote
>>>> Like I said elsewhere in this thread, keyboard shortcuts are still
>>>> quicker
>>> In itself, hitting backspace is just as quick as a mouse gesture to go
>>> back, but if my hand is already on the mouse, the latter is quicker.
> I put my other (left) hand over ALT and CTRL, so it is near all the keyboard
> shortcuts. To use desktop gestures (like drawing an 'E' for editor), I need
> to hold down SHIFT and use the button 3 on the mouse. It's slower than
> CTRL+ALT+E, which achieves the same thing.
>> I tend to use the mouse as little as possible, but with Opera I find I
>> need to use it quite often, because I need to click on the browser
>> before it will respond to any key strokes. I hate that, but so far I
>> haven't found a non-mouse solution to it.
> The reason for needing a mouse is usually focus. 

If I press ALT, I can use the menu, so I do know the focus is on the
browser. Just can't get to 'on-page-in-window' without clicking the
mouse first. I've managed to get there without using the mouse, by
using the menu to open a new page (tab), but I find that an
unacceptably long-winded work-around when I'm switching between
browser and editor to see changes I just made.

> There are all kinds of
> workarounds for using, let us say, Windows without a mouse. To get to the
> taskbar, for example (if I recall correctly) you need to press the Windows
> logo, then ESC, then hit TAB twice.

I have no problem with Windows without a mouse. Or any other program
for that matter. Just Opera, and I'm sure there is some kind of
keyboard shortcut to resolve this problem, but I don't know what it

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