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Re: konqueror: how to move files (without being asked "move, copy, link, cancel")?

__/ [frwarner] on Monday 07 November 2005 23:49 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [frwarner] on Sunday 06 November 2005 12:08 \__
>> > How do I set the default on konqui so that move just means move, like
>> > even Windows can since 10 years ago?  Every time I try, the stupid
>> > "move, copy, link, cancel" submenu pops up.
>> Windows  is taking a risky approach by doing what it does. Moving involves
>> /deleting/  in the sense that relocation leaves a locational 'void'.
> Haven't worked with Windows a lot, but what I remember is, it never
> deletes. Moving on the same file system /  partition never means
> deleting (neither for Linux nor for Windows), and dragging between file
> systems / partitions on Windows makes a copy.

Yes, that's true although what I meant to say is that when moving is the
default behaviour on the same filesystem, this can be deceiving. Moving,
copying and 'shortcutting' are all decided depending on the individual
circumstance (filesystem, object type, widget being dragged to/from). It is
hard to keep track of what action is taken when, especially if you are a new
user. KDE is more verbose and I suspect there is no way of disabling this

*now reading other reply...*

__/ [Konrad] on Monday 07 November 2005 14:10 \__

> Hi,
> Hold down Shift/Ctrl during drag and drop
> Shift - move
> Ctrl - copy
> Ctrl+Shift - create link

I guess it's half way towards complete automation. I still feel comfortable
with CTRL+C/V/X, which works in all environments.


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