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Re: konqueror: how to move files (without being asked "move, copy, link, cancel")?

__/ [frwarner] on Tuesday 08 November 2005 22:49 \__

> Hi Roy,
>> >> > How do I set the default on konqui so that move just means move, like
>> >> > even Windows can since 10 years ago?  Every time I try, the stupid
>> >> > "move, copy, link, cancel" submenu pops up.
> [...]
>>  when moving is the
>> default behaviour on the same filesystem, this can be deceiving. Moving,
>> copying and 'shortcutting' are all decided depending on the individual
>> circumstance
> True.
> I appreciate your input. But sometimes you misclick in the stupid KDE
> menu. *Then* the files are  lost where in Windows they would be
> preserved, e.g. when trying to copy between  partitions and finding out
> later that the original is gone, or when trying to move and the
> original is still there (can sometimes be bad too). Windows has a
> million bugs, but that is not one of them.

I always use drag-and-drop very, very carefully and then double-check like an
obsessive paranoid. However, I find the Linux filesystems to be far more
reliable than that Windows mess with bottlenecks that must not exist (such
as limit as location string length).

Management of files in Windows appeared to have always been inferior and
caused a great deal of distress altogether. Sometimes, when we do not use
all that is available, the neighbour's grass seems greener. Then we get
closer and realise it ain't.

>> *now reading other reply...*
>> __/ [Konrad] on Monday 07 November 2005 14:10 \__
> Yes, I've read and appreciated Konrad's reply.
>> I guess it's half way towards complete automation. I still feel
>> comfortable with CTRL+C/V/X, which works in all environments.
> Ever used Ctrl-X in a text editor and then lost the buffer becaused you
> typed Ctrl-C before reaching the destination position with the cursor?

The editor I most frequently use is KWrite and it has a huge undo stack.
Also, Klipper retains a stack of clipboard contents.

> Ever accidentally pasted twice? I have.

Yes, but excess (or duplication) is far less dangerours than absence.


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