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Re: Article: SuSE uproar, laws-that-backfire

__/ [Lissi] on Thursday 10 November 2005 14:53 \__

> On 10 Nov 2005 the suspect Roy Schestowitz said:
>> I was disappointed to have heard that at first. I use GNOME at work,
>> but it lacks so much of the goodness KDE has had for years. GNOME will
>> be made the default window manager if I recall correctly. Yet, you can
>> choose to stick with KDE. I know I would. It might be less reliable in
>> future releases of SuSE nontheless. That appears to be the case when
>> GNOME-based distribution are 'strapped' with KDE.
> I prefer Enlightenment, because I like eyecandy :) One thing I liked
> SuSE for was that it had many windowmanagers, all preconfigured, so
> that you could switch without pain. GNOME is what Explorer is for Win:
> not nearly useful or flexible enough. Under Win, I switch to LiteStep
> whenever possible.

Interesting views. I was quite impressed with Metisse for FVWM:


I hope the concept comes to KDE/GNOME rather soon. Windows seems to have lost
their direction and conceded the 3-D 'stuff':


Also see KDE Plasma and GNOME Luminocity if you have time or interest:

* http://plasma.bddf.ca/

* http://tinyurl.com/e23yc

>> Speaking of choice, Ubuntu can have KDE installed using Synaptic (the
>> package management tool), so even without Kubunutu, choice prevails,
>> which is great.
> I see I'll have to try out Ubuntu :)

It's neat, but not for work in my humble opinion (unless you merely SSH to a
work machine).

Good for:

- WiFi (hardware probing)

- Linux beginners

- Office use

It doesn't seem like a developer's environment. It needs to be enhanced
manually as it comes with just the necessities 'out of the box'.


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