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Re: More MS innovation

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [DFS] on Thursday 10 November 2005 15:34 \__
>> You MS-naysayers continually bleat about MS not innovating, but the
>> fact is their gigantic MS Research arm does lots of fundamental
>> research in computer science, and publishes a lot of it for the
>> benefit of everyone.
> Why is it posted here? This is a Linux newsgroup.

Says you.  The subjects and discussions here say differently.

>> And their products are continually improved.  For instance, in the
>> face of little competition on the desktop database side (FileMaker
>> Pro is about it), the new version of Access 12 is filled to the brim
>> with new ideas and features.
>> <URL>
>> For me it's a must buy.  If the rest of Office 12 shows similar
>> improvements, it's a must buy too.
> As a home user, will you be willing to pay the price? As a
> corporation, will you be able to bear the cost? As an
> individual/corporation, will youever  be able to migrate your data
> elsewhere when the software is no longer affordable?

The answer to all 3 is "Yes, of course!"

Business have been paying for MS Office by the $billions for 10 years now.
When will you nutcases understand MS Office isn't expensive?  In volume
licensing, I expect Office costs no more than $50 per employee per year.

>> OpenOffice will be playing catch-up for the next 3 years, of course,
>> until the next release of MS Office, at which time the OO developers
>> are forced to hunker down again so people will quit chuckling at
>> their efforts.
> Your mind continues to wander in oblivion. The only reason some
> people stick to Office is because licences have not expired yet

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that as the world ignores OO.

> and since OpenOffice is *yet* to gain its deserved reputation.

Oh, I think it will one day gain the reputation it deserves.

> Hey, look!  Published today...
> http://news.zdnet.com/2100-3513_22-5942913.html?tag=zdfd.newsfeed
> <snip>
>   Big guns in the software industry are massing behind
>   OpenDocument as government customers show more interest
>   in open-source alternatives to Microsoft?s desktop
>   software.

Cool.  Big guns massed behind Linux a while ago, and it's not exactly taking
over the Microsoft desktop world, now is it?

> PS - just because you authored a book on Office does not make it
> formidable to us. Wishful thinking ain't reality either.

You're thinking of a different DFS.  The only thing I author are
hard-hitting, smackdown posts to cola.

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