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Re: More MS innovation

__/ [DFS] on Thursday 10 November 2005 15:34 \__

> You MS-naysayers continually bleat about MS not innovating, but the fact is
> their gigantic MS Research arm does lots of fundamental research in
> computer science, and publishes a lot of it for the benefit of everyone.

Why is it posted here? This is a Linux newsgroup.

> And their products are continually improved.  For instance, in the face of
> little competition on the desktop database side (FileMaker Pro is about
> it), the new version of Access 12 is filled to the brim with new ideas and
> features.
> <URL>
> For me it's a must buy.  If the rest of Office 12 shows similar
> improvements, it's a must buy too.

As a home user, will you be willing to pay the price? As a corporation, will
you be able to bear the cost? As an individual/corporation, will youever  be
able to migrate your data elsewhere when the software is no longer

> OpenOffice will be playing catch-up for the next 3 years, of course, until
> the next release of MS Office, at which time the OO developers are forced
> to hunker down again so people will quit chuckling at their efforts.

Your mind continues to wander in oblivion. The only reason some people stick
to Office is because licences have not expired yet and since OpenOffice is
*yet* to gain its deserved reputation. Hey, look! Published today...



  Big guns in the software industry are massing behind
  OpenDocument as government customers show more interest
  in open-source alternatives to Microsoft?s desktop



PS - just because you authored a book on Office does not make it formidable
to us. Wishful thinking ain't reality either.

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