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Re: Tools to provide Windows licensing clarity

__/ [Roy Culley] on Wednesday 16 November 2005 02:01 \__

>     Microsoft is preparing for a year of Windows client and Office
>     launches with tools to help customers penetrate the fog of
>     Microsoft's licensing agreements and upgrades.
>     The company has announced the introduction of the Microsoft
>     product licensing advisor, an online tool for customers to compare
>     and price-out volume licensing plans. The product licensing
>     advisor will help education and business customers "better
>     understand their licensing options" Microsoft said on Tuesday.
> Hey Funkenbusch, this looks perfect for you. You know, just what
> exactly can you do with MS SW bought under an education license.

What  worries me most about that, and call it a pet peeve if you like,  is
that  advisory comes from the actual software vendor and is thus narrow in
scope and biased (under disguise).

It  is disturbing enough when the most heavily-invested in  study/campaign
is being labelled "Get the facts". It is hosted and is fully-funded by one
particular corporation. They pulled another similar trick at least once in
the past. They exclaimed that Windows was safer than Apple's Mac OS. After
the  apparent confusion at some conference, it was revealed that the study
was  all  along funded by Microsoft. Hitherto, the so-called  bribed  're-
searchers'  are under embargo. Will a supercomputing facts campaign be the
next  item in the list? They have deep pockets, deep enough to tackle Deep


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