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Re: MS IntelliMouse: all systems go

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [John Bailo] on Wednesday 16 November 2005 01:42 \__
>> DFS wrote:
>>> My wireless MS IntelliMouse software gives me pop-up warnings for
>>> low battery and wireless signal strength, as in:
>>> http://www.angelfire.com/linux/dfslinux/MSMouse.PNG
>>> Knowing how advanced Linux is, and listening to cola bozos tell me
>>> Linux hardware support is better than MS', I'm sure comparable
>>> features are available in Linux/OSS.
>>> Right?
>> Welcome to the world of Linux:
>> <URL>
>> Results for www.angelfire.com
>> Found 3 sites
>> Site
>> Site Report
>> First seen
>> Netblock
>> OS
>> 1.  www.angelfire.comSite Report  December 1995  Lycos, Inc.  Linux
>>   2.  www.angelfire.com.brSite Report  February 2004  Comite Gestor
>> da Internet no Brasil  Linux
>>   3.  www.angelfire.com.trSite Report  December 2000  Middle East
>> Technical University(METU)  Linux
> *LOL*
> As  I glance at the bottom, I can vividly see Opera and Firefox. DFS
> sure knows  which  Web browsers ought to be installed. That Blue E
> that  comes pre-bundled  is  apparently not enough. Moving
> rightwards, I  notice  that rusty OE being used. As Outlook is
> installed, one must wonder why rusty OE is  even used. Memory hog
> perhaps? Both Outlook and OE are unstable  (seen it many times in my
> own eyes... people sob about losing work).
> On  we move to see the Windows shell ('cmd'), which is so poor in
> terms of expressiveness.  How  can you get any work done? Even
> autocompletion a  la Bash  does not exist. All the Microsoft Office
> stuff is appalling at best, especially when one tries to develop for
> a variety of platforms or be able to  descend  to what goes
> underneath the opaque formats. One wonders  what the  yellow
> exclamation point in your taskbar actually attempts to  inform you of.
> Thanks for sharing.

You're welcome.

And about IE - it's a dog.  I used to think it was fine - that there was no
use bothering with other browsers.  I was wrong.  Firefox is great, and I
like Opera even more than FF.  Both are better than IE.  IE7 may be great -
but I don't care how good it is, I won't be switching back.

I like OE because my email and news client are right there together, and it
blazes like all MS products.  Thunderbird is good, too, but it's too slow.
And OE is nearly 100% stable, at least under WinServer 2003.

The cmd shell and CLI is a relic of the ancient past.  Why don't *nix
dinosaurs catch up?  Buy a new calendar: it's 2005, not 1975.

You're just disgustingly, ignorantly, blatantly, and many other 'ly's wrong
about MS Office.  Tell me again what kind of wack job develops office apps
for multiple platforms when ~98% of the world uses one office platform?  Is
that stupid, or stubborn, or stupid, or insane, or just stupid?

Thanks to HP for the yellow warning which tells me my printer is not

Which brings me to another point:  The printer is an HP PhotoSmart 1215.  I
don't even have the picture mgmt software installed, but the base drivers
offer a bunch of stuff: ink level warnings, print in grayscale, optimize for
photocopy, poster printing, ink volume, dry time, etc.

How well do those settings work for photoprinters under Linux/CUPS?

(and feel free to not address the issue again - it's what cola nuts are best

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