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Re: Thunderbird - line wrap vs line break

__/ [alex.gman@xxxxxxxxx] on Wednesday 16 November 2005 07:48 \__

> I like thunderbird, because it's a cross-platform app, with a
> consistent look and feel.
> However, it has one annoying feature: when composing a message,
> thunderbird can wrap the text automatically, which I'd like to use. But
> when using this feature, if you accidentally hit 'enter' in the middle
> of a paragraph, after wrapping odd-looking messages get sent.

Let  me  see if I get this right. Is your text being wrapped twice? In  my
particular  case,  I stick to no wrapping while composing. Only once  mes-
sages  get  despatched, text gets wrapped (at columns 78 if I recall  cor-
rectly).  Why would you hit enter in the middle of a paragraph unless  you
begin  a  new  one?  Is it not glaringly obvious to  the  eye  when  lines
'break'?  I know this is not a most helpful advice, but I am trying to en-
vision  the scenario you describe. Without wrapping enabled at composition
time, I agree that WYSIWYG benefits are lost.

> It's a little hard to explain - but if you've never experienced it, and
> don't understand what I'm talking about, you probably can't help me
> either.

I think we have similar problems, but the decription differs slightly.

> Anyway, even though I have "wrap after 72 chars" set in the options,
> after I hit 'send', sometimes messages get sent with lines that are too
> long, or have a linebreak in the middle of the screen, neither of which
> were apparent to the sender (Bcc: myself shows this though)
> Any way to work around this problem other than turning the wrapping
> off? Even pine-like behavior would be preferable to me, although not
> ideal.

Why not turning it off altogether and relying on automatic re-formation of
the  message? I find this somewhat confusing as I explained above, but  it
can  sometimes make editing easier. Copying and pasting is simplified too.
Make  it nothing like E-mail (with its known limitations and  restriction)
until the point when it actually becomes and E-mail message.


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