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Re: Thunderbird - line wrap vs line break

__/ [alex.gman@xxxxxxxxx] on Wednesday 16 November 2005 09:57 \__

> I'll rephrase the problem description:
> When you have long lines in Emacs, Emacs 'wraps' them on the screen
> (but not in text) and shows a little curved arrow to show that this
> 'wrapping' took place.

Ahh... okay.

> On the other hand, in Thunderbird, you can't tell where the lines were
> merely visually wrapped on the editor screen, and where an actual
> newline symbol is inserted, i.e. there is no special cue like in Emacs.
> This causes problems - two different things that look the same: '\n'
> and semantically meaningless visual representation.
> This has nothing to do with WYSIWYG, just bad GUI design.

I  think  that many users would find this confusing. Let us remember  that
Thunderbird  is aimed at a wide audience with varying levels of expertise.
For  the same reason, in Programs like Writer and Word, paragraph  symbols
and  cues are hidden by default. People would otherwise assume that  these
are visible to the recipient or printer.

I  now  understand exactly what you mean, but must also point out that  it
has  never bothered me. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I primarily send
text; not large chunks of text either. Try to see if a plug-in (extension)
does  exactly what you are after. There is such a large pool of extensions
out  there and it grows by the day. Also consider editing your messages in
an  external editor. This message of mine, for example, will be sent using
KNode, but will be processed in KEdit, which will in turn have Perl handle
some justification and hyphenation usign TeX.

Hope it helps,


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