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Re: How to tell what is causing an error...?

On Mon, 14 Nov 2005 05:31:32 +0000, Roy Schestowitz
<newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>__/ [Al] on Friday 11 November 2005 17:56 \__
>> Hello,
>> I recently had to exchange my Palm Treo 600 with the good folks at
>> Verizon for a newer unit.  I got the new unit, I hot-sync'd it and all
>> of the data was back.  I had to do some level of cleanup but that was
>> okay.
>> In a previous life - before my Treo, my Palm device was a Sony Clie.  I
>> now get an error message when I turn on the telephone portion of my 600
>> - it says:  This program is only for Sony Clie.  I can get past it, but
>> it does this quite a bit.  I obviously have put a Clie related piece of
>> code on the Treo and the Treo is very unhappy.  I just cannot figure
>> out which piece of code is the culprit.
>> Is there any way to tell what program is triggering this particular
>> alarm?
>> Thanx!
>> Al
>Do a regression-like test. Remove all additional software from the device
>(leaving a copy elsewhere, e.g. on the PC), then add packages one by one and
>see at which point it breaks. You will soon find the culprit assuming it is
>not a /combination/ of packages which triggers a conflict. If you have many
>add-on applications this might be time-consuming.
>Best wishes,

Displays the last error which caused a soft reset, and the program
that was running, line number etc 


Dan Finn
mfw : this ain't spa lady

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