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Re: You Have to Try This on Google

__/ [John Bokma] on Thursday 17 November 2005 22:30 \__

> "Google is now offering a new glimpse at exactly how their spider views
> your Website."
> "So what exactly can you find out?
>     * The most popular queries that your Website shows up for
>     * The top queries from which you get clickthroughs
>     * Crawl statistics: Pages succesfully crawled, pages blocked by
>       robots.txt, pages that generated HTTP errors or were unreachable
>     * The PageRank distribution within your site
>     * Various indexing stats (pages indexed, etc.)
> "
> <http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2005/11/16/google-sitemaps/>

So  there is potential 'added value', which lures Webmasters into  joining
Google Sitemaps.

What  is next? Open a Google Mail account to take advantage of  Analytics?
An  integration  between Urchin (Analytics) and Google Maps so as  to  see
where visitors come from exactly (their back yard...)? Simultaneous search
of GMail, the Web, and your desktop?

I foresee entanglements...

All  information  will soon be available in dozens of  Linux  datacentres,
which  is a bit scary. Think of the amount of mail these datacentres  have
accumulated  over  time. If AJAX office suites became a reality, then  all
your bases will definitely belong to Google. Google Wallet, anyone?

I foresee exposure...


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