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Re: Is a mouse "advanced" technology???

  • Subject: Re: Is a mouse "advanced" technology???
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 07:41:06 +0000
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__/ [r.e.ballard@xxxxxxx] on Sunday 20 November 2005 04:41 \__

> Actually, a "mouse" is actually a set of switches.  The original mouse
> had 4 switches, left, right, up, down.  In practice, the mouse would
> have two wheels, one for the up/down the other for the left/right.  the
> wheels were moved by the rubber ball.  The up/down or left/right were
> decoded two sensors.  One would go through then the other, the
> direction was determined by which occurred first.
> The other switch was the button.
> Over time, additional buttons were added.  Most UNIX mouses were 3
> button mice, most Windows mice were originally 2 button mice.  Apple
> still uses the 1 button mouse.
> The scroll mouse uses the same principle as the other axis on the ball
> mouse, but uses a separate "roller".  This actually goes back to
> electronic drafting systems on Unix that needed to manipulate the X,Y,
> and Z axis.  Microsoft "innovated" this on Windows when they decided to
> make a big deal of DirectX 3-D graphics.
> Logitec added two additional buttons, for a total of 5 buttons plus 4
> directions plus the 2 scroll directions.  Microsoft also put button
> sensors which can be pressed by "tilting" the wheel.  That's 7 buttons
> plus 6 directions.

...And Windows is said to be intuitive. I have a hard enough time explaining
to my parent when to use the right mouse buttom and when to use the left.
Need more buttons? How about the keyboard? What's next? A pedal and a straw?

> Linux supports a total of 15 signals, which means you can either add 2
> more buttons, or switch the scroll wheel to a trackball.
> Of course, Linux has a configuration file that lets you define the
> functions of each of the button/signals.
> Maybe Microsoft will figure out something creative to do with those
> last 2 buttons.

Here is a proposal:

Button #14: throws Ballmer to the muddy pool beneath his chair at the fair.

Button #15: sends Wintrolls to circumvent an ongoing Linux praise

> Linux has a few other options.  More than there are "buttons".


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