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Re: Article sites - the new directories?

__/ [Big Bill] on Monday 21 November 2005 12:24 \__

> It looks as though Google are favouring inbounds from article sites
> and ignoring them from freebie directories. Early analysis has it
> that, despite article site not being exactly choosy about what goes in
> them, Google are affording their links a decent weighting.
> So then, prepare for article spam. Sheesh!
> I've never bothered to sit down and do articles because really, so
> many of the existing are no-brainers, wrong or both so where's the
> point? Where's the actual benefit?
> Pooh.
> That's all I can say. Probably repeatedly on approximately an A4 piece
> of virtual paper.
> BB

What /is/ an article? What is a blog item? What is news? What is dross? If
Google intend to distinguish between one and another, they are yet to face
big challenges. mainstream media like the BBC or the New York Times rarely
link. Any blog these days can pretend to be a news site too. I see many
sites that are driven using blog software underneath, but have been modified
to disguise that. Moreover, such sites have link bars, which often contain


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