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Re: good file manager for Linux?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
So, Minight Commander, much like
vim or pine, has its honourable place in the museum or in terminal-based

I use vim and I think it fits well todays desktop, please notice that it can be run in *term but also there are "native" GNOME/KDE ports.
Pine was never usable, I liked mutt and slrn.
The problem with text-mode MC is lack of some features (like drag and drop you mentioned), not just old looking style.

You can get a Midnight Commander-like view in Konqueror. Have a look under
view profiles (in Settings).

I didn't know it before, now I switched it and.... why TAB doesn't work correctly?
Just like in any other case - it looks good at first sight, but when you want to start just using it - you will notice problems.

Have a play
with the options and 'massage' Konqueror until it suits your habits and

But isn't part of "creating" file manager? I want filemanager which will work correctly without spending time to configure it - just like old Norton Commander, then Dos Navigator, then Total Commander.

I don't fancy file management in GNOME. I find it dull and unresponsive at

True. I never like KDE but it's not as bad as GNOME is (and maybe that's because (parts of) GNOME is in C?).
I like applications like gnumeric, abiword, gimp, etc... some applications which use GNOME are good, but that whole desktop just.. doesn't work.

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