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Re: Google cache no relevance to serps?

__/ [T.J.] on Tuesday 22 November 2005 09:27 \__

> I put something new on a page at the weekend, when searching
> for a phrase the page appears in the serps but when viewing the
> cache of the page it doesn't show the new content.
> Anyone know how many versions of a page Google is now storing?

I believe they retain just one version, but it may take time for that sin-
gle,  up-to-date version to propagate from one datacentre to all the  oth-
ers.  Do not be surprised if different versions of your pages are returned
from different IP addresses (see below).

I  heard that Google cache can sometimes take a long while to be modified,
if ever. It does not seem to be a high priority because few people actual-
ly bother to view it. It's the indices that matter most. Deletion of cache
is  another matter. Likewise, file description (metedata) can take a while
to  change,  but it all depends on how often you get crawled. For a  front
page of a ~PR5 site this might take just a couple of days.

If  you  want to check your cache in different datacentres, then try,  for

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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