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Re: Google cache no relevance to serps?

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [T.J.] on Tuesday 22 November 2005 09:27 \__
>> I put something new on a page at the weekend, when searching
>> for a phrase the page appears in the serps but when viewing the
>> cache of the page it doesn't show the new content.
>> Anyone know how many versions of a page Google is now storing?
> I believe they retain just one version, but it may take time for that sin-
> gle,  up-to-date version to propagate from one datacentre to all the  oth-
> ers.  Do not be surprised if different versions of your pages are returned
> from different IP addresses (see below).
> I  heard that Google cache can sometimes take a long while to be modified,
> if ever. It does not seem to be a high priority because few people actual-
> ly bother to view it. It's the indices that matter most. Deletion of cache
> is  another matter. Likewise, file description (metedata) can take a while
> to  change,  but it all depends on how often you get crawled. For a  front
> page of a ~PR5 site this might take just a couple of days.
> If  you  want to check your cache in different datacentres, then try,  for
> example:
> Hope it helps,
> Roy

As a follow up to my initial post I set up a little test.
I put a unique made-up word on a page and as soon as the
page appeared in the serps when searching for the word (within 24hrs)
removed the word.
I then put another made-up word on the page and again waited 24hrs.
Now when searching for the 2nd word my page appears in the Serps
plus it also still appears when searching for the first word.
This isn't database related as I am seeing the same result on virtually
all datacenters at Mcdar.
This, along with the fact that when I do a site:search it returns 13,000
pages for one of my other sites, when it in fact only has around 1,000
pages, makes me believe Google is storing multiple versions of the same
page and returning the one most relevant to the search phrase.
Anybody else ran any similar tests?

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