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Re: Microsoft to give Office access to rivals

  • Subject: Re: Microsoft to give Office access to rivals
  • From: "Kleuskes & Moos" <kleuske@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 22 Nov 2005 00:49:27 -0800
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Roy Schestowitz schreef:

> __/ [Roy Culley] on Tuesday 22 November 2005 01:16 \__
> > <http://news.ft.com/cms/s/e9f5c0f8-5ab7-11da-8628-0000779e2340.html>
> >
> >     Microsoft will on Tuesday announce it is opening up access to its
> >     Office file formats to competitors, as part of a move to ensure
> >     the software giant does not lose lucrative government markets for
> >     its Office software.
> Well done, Massachusetts (said with caution). Once pressure was there, a
> practical threat was realised (taken with a grain of salt). As this devalues
> Office, we should be skeptic. Even if MS Office was made the most reliable
> among its equivalents, customers would be reluctant to buy it.
> >     The move will ensure that computer users will be able to open and
> >     work with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents without
> >     having to buy the Microsoft Office software to do so.
> >
> > Now if only I can believe them.
> Must be a publicity stunt.

I think it's fueld by the growing distaste of their closed formats
amongst corporate clients and legislative bodies around the world.
Along the lines of "If you can't beat them, join

> Some say that the XBox being lower in availability
> than demand is yet another case of publicity stunts. Marketing is
> Microsoft's best department, after all. Google's best department is probably
> recruitment and SCO wish they had good lawyers.
> Does anyone /TRULY/ think Microsoft does this to in order to be kind to the
> world? Companies have no feelings. They have investors.

Hence, no. I don't think this is M$ benevolance. They are forced to
open up their formats by the market. Corporate and institutional buyers
don't accept closed formats anymore.

Remember, after Munich, now Paris is going for OSS. There's a big
upheaval on open formats in Massachusets and it's only going to grow.
M$ feels the heat of the OSS movement.

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