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Re: HotSync problems (T|E)

__/ [Bob Pownall] on Tuesday 22 November 2005 14:56 \__

> All of a sudden, I've begun having problems HotSyncing my Tungsten E.
> The HotSync process will start, but will hang while sync'ing the
> Calendar.  Even the animation on the Tungsten's display as well as on
> the HotSync window stops.  Windows Task Manager says "The program is not
> responding".
> It worked fine last night, and I haven't added any software to either my
> Laptop (Dell Inspiron 8500, Windows XP Pro w/ SP2) or my T|E since then.
>   I've tried restarting my laptop, but no success is clearing the problem.
> As far as I can tell, the HotSync cable is plugged in securely at both
> the T|E and laptop ends.
> Any ideas/suggestions?
> Bob Pownall

It  sounds  like DatebookDB.pdb is potentially corrupted. Any oddities  on
the  Palm  side  (Calendar in particular)? Any  peculiar  events  recently

Try  HotSync Manager. Go to "Custom...", then temporarily disable the Cal-
endar  conduit.  Try HotSyncing again. Any luck? If  synchronisation  gets
jammed  at a different stage, DatebookDB.pdb can be ruled out as being the
culprit.  If none of the above offers a solution, I suggest you try to use
your backups. They are often located under:

<PALM-INSTLLATION-DIR>/<YOUR-USERNAMER>/DataBook  or  perhaps it was  also

I  can't check at the moment as I use neither a Mac or a Windows  machine,
thus I can't use Palm Desktop.

Hope it helps,


PS - Do not worry. Your data is recoverable.

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