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Re: Anchor text strategy

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [mark | r] on Monday 28 November 2005 09:15 \__
> >> Don't  forget to diversity the anchor texts, making slight
> >> variations that make it all appear less automated.
> >
> > what a load of pish, if my companies called xyz and all anchor links
> > link to xyz then is this unnatural - i dont think so
> >
> > same applies for keywords, in fact i propose that if all anchor
> > links are identical it should increase your relevancy
> Assuming  that anchor text is very unifromal, this will strengthen 
> SERP's that  are  directly aimed for (maybe granting a #1 spot), but
> it may  also make the set of productive SERP's narrower. If your
> company is called 'x y z',  but you also have anchor texts 'x y w' and 
> 'v y z', then you will  beperceived  as relevant for SERP's that were
> otherwise uncalled for. It's a strength/breadth ratio.

I come down strongly on the "breadth" side of this debate alongside
Roy. This accords with SEO Dave's "easy serps" premise that one
doesn't even know exactly how the person who enters terms into a
search engine is going to ask for -- could be widgets, could be blue
widgets, could be widgets for women, could be blue widgets for
women, could be widgets in california, could be wadgets (the older
spelling for widgets), could be widgets with free shipping, could be
blue tortuls (a Los Angeles area slang term for widgets) -- so you
will do well to include in your keywordage as many variants as are
feasible, given the amount of body copy you aim to write -- and the
more body copy, the more variants will sit naturally and readably on
the page. 

If you really know your subject matter -- and your customers -- you
can  roughly gauge how many people are going to use each key word or
phrase and assign your variable usage on a rough percentage basis. 

That's what i do, and it works for me. For one item i sell i use the
words and terms mojo, mojo hand, mojo bag, conjure bag, conjure
hand, toby, jomo, trick bag, and nation sack in roughly the same
percentages that i hear them in everyday conversation. 

I might double up the terms in one link, as in this sentence:

"Add these herbs to your <link> mojo bag or nation sack </link>."

and a paragraph later, you'd see, 

"Once made, a <link> mojo hand </link> should be kept out of sight,
for it is said that if you let folks touch your <link> conjure bag
</link>, they can 'kill' all its good luck."

The above sample gives you four keyword variants in three links in
two sentences -- and the best part of it is that the text is
actually natural, easy flowing, readable, and informative to the

Content, content, content. :-)


cat yronwode 

Hoodoo in Theory and Practice

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