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Re: Windoze causes fan burnouts?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [Thomas Wootten] on Sunday 27 November 2005 23:20 \__
>> Ian Hilliard wrote:
>>> On Sun, 27 Nov 2005 19:55:24 +0000, 7 wrote:
>>>> Just wondering if windoze causes frequent fan burn outs?
>>>> Every PC I have has problems with fan if they
>>>> have in the past ran windoze. But curiously, none
>>>> of the Linux machines have any problems for over a year!
>>>> I'm just wondering, are these CPU fans and possibly
>>>> other fans running at a higher speed and/or is the
>>>> windoze CPU usage so high while doing 'nothing' that fan speeds
>>>> are wizzing permanently at high speed?
>>>> From laptops to desktops, this seems to be a common problem.
>>> Linux is clearly much more efficient with resources. I have a Toshiba M3
>>> with 2GHz Pentium M and I can't use it under Windows, because it just
>>> gets too hot. It got so hot one time that it even scorched a wooden
>>> table it was sitting on. With Linux the notebook stays much cooler and I
>>> get an extra hour out of the battery.
>>> Without Linux my notebook would be unusable. With Linux it is a great
>>> companion while I travel around the world.
>>> Ian
>> Try running XaoS (under Windows or Linux) :)
>> Invest in a fire extinguisher first though ;)
> Maybe this will shed some light:
> http://blogs.zdnet.com/Murphy/index.php?p=459
> "What?s noteworthy about it is that Microsoft compared Singularity to
> FreeBSD and Linux as well as Windows/XP - and almost every result shows
> Windows losing to the two Unix variants. For example, they show the number
> of CPU cycles needed to 'create and start a process? as 1,032,000 for
> FreeBSD, 719,000 for Linux, and 5,376,000 for Windows/XP.'"
> So, which O/S is working harder according to benchmarks from nowhere other
> than Redmond?
> Roy

Thats finger lickin hot!
The flipping windoze running CPUs are permanently
engaged in inefficient unnecessary foreground and
and background activities
and thats causing fan burn outs.
The constant bleating of HD lights and net
activity all takes that extra toll on power and
its responsible for all the stupid fan burns.
I mean, I do go out of my way to put in bearing
fans instead of sleeve fans and regularly
clean out dust whenever squeaking starts buts
thats not gonna help me. The dum dums at redmond
strike again! I remember not so long ago, they put
HD to sleep in default install mode and caused billions
in support bills as applications crashed left right and
center. This fan burn out issue must cause a few more
billion waste all around the globe with burnt out CPUs,
dead PCs and lost data.

Micoshaft when your data is not precious

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