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Re: Oops, IE users, beware.

__/ [7] on Wednesday 30 November 2005 02:04 \__

> Jim Richardson wrote:
>> <http://www.computerterrorism.com/research/ie/ct21-11-2005>
>> MS has known about the flaw (in DoS form) since may, but hasn't even
>> aknoledged it's existence officially, meanwhile, it turns out that it's
>> more than a DoS, it's a "We ownz j00"
>> So patch those systems IE users, if and when MS release a patch...
>> meanwhile, um, well, don't click on stuff.

Every  time this happens, it worries me as I still must tolerate hordes of
Windows  zombies. What worries me more is that fact that yet another  ver-
sion  of Windows XP (one with visual glitter to extinguish OS X envy) will
be released as early as next year, having solved /none/ of these recurring
issues  whose  source is the non-modular core. That, and only  that,  must
have triggered that project we have come to know as Singularity.

Having  discussed  fan burn-outs, it seems clear that Windows is merely  a
simple  O/S with 'stuff' progressively added up in a naive way, making  it
an utter bloat with features being leeches on the CPU and RAM.

So,  5 years down the line, a stripped-down version of what was  initially
promised,. is be unleashed onto the market. Same issues, more versions for
Microsoft  to maintain (patch up) and yet more deterring hardware require-
ment. Boy, do I look forward to getting my hands on that Vista CD...

> What are you trying to say?
> Micoshaft is continuing to ship defective product in all
> their pre-install products despite
> knowing the defect is in place?
> May be using Firefox (http://www.mozilla.org ) is now
> a compulsory warning message that must be shown
> on the boot up screen of windopes sold between now
> and until the fault is fixed as a preventative measure
> on all new sales of windopes to avoid a class action
> civil suit?
> Or perhaps even ship a free liveCD (http://www.livecdlist.com )
> so that users can browse safely?

If none of the live CD's contains a blue E, this might lead to user

I repeatedly hear voices. "i can't get internet, it says page canot be
dipalyed. can't get my e-mail (Hotmail) either." Very often the computers
are infected or ports get blocked due to the Windows inevitable paranoia.


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