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Re: MS Word to XHTML

__/ [Toby Inkster] on Sunday 11 September 2005 10:02 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>  * Run HTMLTidy on the resulting HTML (find it in sourceforge.org)
>>  * Modify output to fit XHTML standards
>>  * Use search & replace for the task above
> Tidy can do all of this -- use the "-asxhtml" option.

I didn't know about the existence of this option. Perhaps I am using an
(very) old version of tidy. I wasn't impressed the last time I used it,
which was over a year ago. I must also have thought about complex cases
when I suggested the steps above. Placements of images, for example, might
pose some difficulties, especially if they float.

OO.org will be a decent tools for steering away from non-standard attributes
and hard-coded fonts. The last thing the World Wide Web needs is more code
that is 'made up', which non-MS browsers like Firefox must accept and adapt
to. Sad, yet inevitable.

It sometimes upsets me that kids at school are taught to compose using
WYSIWYG paradigms. It only encourages information to be uniterpretable.
Like Zeldman once said, people used to toss bottles out the car's window
until they realised the impact of carelessness and laziness (misquotation,
but something to that effect anyway).


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