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Re: Browser wars - a killer feature ?

__/ [Krustov] on Sunday 11 September 2005 05:20 \__

> alt.internet.providers.uk
> alt.www.webmaster
> uk.net.web.authoring
> A cross post to the above three groups in a attempt to get a fair
> balanced option on what the publics true general feeling is towards
> google ads on websites .
> As a personal dislike , I dislike the sheer amount of websites that use
> google ads and at times it seems like every 2nd website has them .
> Personally i've yet to click on a google ad and the way things are I
> probably never will - as such - to me - there is little point in them
> being displayed in my browser window as i'm never going to use them .
> The browser suggestion .....
> How about a option in one of the pull down menus that would give users
> the choice to block google ads and remove them from view when the
> webpage is being rendered by the browser .
> Obviously nobody would be forced to use this new browser option and it
> would be upto the user to decide for themselves .
> With IE v7 being available in the not too distant future I think this
> new option would be quite a feather in their cap assuming none of the
> other browsers manage to beat them to it .
> Personally , Although I have IE as my default browser and only really
> have browsers like Firefox and Opera installed on my system for the
> purpose of making websites cross compatible - if i'm honest I would have
> to say I would seriously consider changing my default browser for the
> first one that offers me this new option .
> As you can imagine this suggestion wont go down well with the people who
> have google ads on their website & some of them will no doubt try to
> turn this thread into a slag fest in a attempt to change the subject .
> I'm not saying anything good or bad about google ads - I only want the
> option to decide for myself if I want to see them or not and as a member
> of the public I have no method available to me to contact MicroSoft to
> suggest the new browser feature in private .

You can do this with Firefox already. For the least penalty in terms of
performance, do not use an extension for the task. Follow the steps below
if AdSense bothers you too much:

* Go to your Firefox profile directory
  -In linux: ~/.mozilla/firefox/<YOUR_PROFILE>/chrome

  -In Windows: <SOME_PATH>/Application Data/firefox/<YOUR_PROFILE>/chrome

 * Change the file called userContent.css (or create it if it does not exist

 * Add the following line:

     iframe[src*="googlesyndication"] {display: none !important; }

 * Run Firefox

Hope it helps,


Disclaimer: I do not endorse omission of adverts.

Roy S. Schestowitz      | "Hack to learn, don't learn to hack"
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