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Re: Download with KBear

__/ [Malcolm Brown] on Sunday 11 September 2005 16:58 \__

> Brian Wakem wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Always use Konqueror unless it does not work. It integrates well with
>>> the remainder of the desktop environment and supports drag-and-drop. Too
>>> bad my version of Konqueror does not incorporate SFTP (as far as I can
>>> tell). I wonder if it has evolved since...
>>> Roy
>> I've been using Konqueror for sftp for about 2 years.
> Even Konqueror comes up with the more than one client problem.  It must be
> a
> Mandriva thing.  I have sent them a message - we will wait and see.
> Malcolm

Thanks Brain and Malcolm. I am using a version of Konqueror which I imagine
is 3 years old. I am not able to connect to certain FTP servers, which
either require encrypted authentication or something else. I am not an FTP
server expert, but I just know that Konqueror does not work (for me) under
certain circumstances. I then use gFTP instead, which oddly enough is
installed remotely, so I FTP (using Konqueror) to pass the files and then
SSH to use gFTP remotely. For a small number of files I can use FireFTP or
cPanel's File Manager instead.

Unlike some other FTP clients, Konqueror rarely gives me a hard time. Other
clients tend to freeze in the sense that transfers go idle. I then must


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