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Re: Dreamweaver funtionality on Linux

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Possibility #1: Have you considered a Wiki? Whether it is an
> appropriate solution or not depends on your site. You can easily copy
> and paste HTML code to and from the Wiki's textarea.

In some scenarios this is certainly ideal but not quite what I'm looking
for in this case I'm afraid.

> Possibility #2: I you collaborate on files, how about removing them
> from the server (literally checking them out) rather than copying
> them? When done, put the file/s back in place.

Good idea which didn't actually occur to me. Although I suppose this
would mean no site online it could be a solution for a quick update.

> Possibility #3: Set up a CVS repository where you work on your site/s.
> A cron job will copy files from the repository to the Web
> server/public_html area. We have that set up in the Division. Not only
> can you lock files, but merging is possible too.

This is the one that intrigues me. I think I will definitely carry on
looking in to this. As I said I have been reading up on cvs but I was
under the impression that the cvs repository had to be on the remote
server for it to work. If I had the cvs repository on my local machine
could I grant remote access to my colleague? I guess I could somehow.

> I don't know Bluefish, but Quanta Plus is a great tool, especially if
> you get yourself accustomed to it.

I have been using bluefish almost exclusively for the last couple of
years but today fired up Quanta during my search and I do actually
intend to give it a go as I quite like the look of it.
> If you are not satisfied with the replies here, you can always take
> your business to the Linux groups. *smile* alt.os.linux.suse is
> occupied by some very experienced members 'pool'.

Thank you Roy for your thoughts on this, you have been most helpful.


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