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Re: JavaScript to Fetch Text

__/ [Neredbojias] on Monday 12 September 2005 05:44 \__

> With neither quill nor qualm, Neredbojias quothed:
>> With neither quill nor qualm, Roy Schestowitz quothed:
>> > I would like to retrive some raw information (text) from one machine
>> > and display it within a page in another. I was thinking about using
>> > JavaScript that will fetch the text from a given URL and add it to the
>> > body. Does someone know a page or example which I can re-use? I hope I
>> > explained this clearly enough. If not, follow up with question.
>> Check out the following link.  It does what _I think_ you want.  If you
>> need more info beyond the html, I'll be here.
>> http://www.neredbojias.com/alpha/jokes.html

Thank you for the link. I have had a quick look (nice design by the way).

> Oops, check that.  It does it in PHP, no javascript needed.  Originally
> it was javascript but I must have changed it before I went senile.
> You can use javascript to do the same thing, -just pick-off the
> search/query strings with js instead of PHP and make a .js file instead
> of a text file with variablized text.

The problem is that PHP, being server-side does not expose the code. I was
hoping for a quick grab of JavaScript code. Also, renaming the page/s,
namely having the html suffix changed to php, will require modification of
internal links, or even worse, external inbound links. Redirections would
be an overkill.

To rephrase my request as you were not sure what I meant, I seek to grab
text from http://example.org/data.txt and then embed it in a <span>, for
instance, in http://example.com/page.html. data.txt gets updated all the
time, hence it needs to be grabbed. If JavaScript was disabled, there would
be no harm either.

Thanks again,


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