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Re: Updating Sites Locally

  • Subject: Re: Updating Sites Locally
  • From: Blinky the Shark <no.spam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 12 Sep 2005 04:38:24 GMT
  • Newsgroups: alt.os.linux.mandrake
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [Blinky the Shark] on Sunday 11 September 2005 20:11 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> __/ [Blinky the Shark] on Sunday 11 September 2005 13:24 \__
>>>> Brian Wakem wrote:
>>>>> I use Konqueror, it can do everything kbear does and it's much
>>>>> more stable.
>>>> How do you do "upload any files in these/these directories that are
>>>> not in this directory at the remote location"; i.e, automated
>>>> synching of a web site and its local mirror?  With Konqueror.
>>> If you have an always-on connection, never make local copies. You
>>> can open files located on the 'FTP domain' in Konqueror. I believe I
>>> mentioned this to you in the past.
>> Always on or always off is irrelevant for me -- I mirror locally as
>> backup and as a place to play and create so that things I break
>> aren't being broken on the live site.
> Good idea. Well, it was just a suggestion anyway.
>>> If you do not have always-on connection, but your connection is
>>> /fast/, just graft the whole site or entire sections and put back
>>> the 'block' in its entirety when done. If the idea scares you
>>> (mass-handling files), just ensure you keep a stack of backups and
>>> keep an eye on your error logs.
>> I have no idea what you mean by grafting in this context.  Last time
>> I saw the term was back with some DOS directory pruning/grafting util
>> from Norton a decade ago.
> Move directories in their entirety, i.e. including all subdirectories.
> You can make a complete copy of ~/public_html or
> ~/public_html/projects, for example. You treat these as 'shelves',
> pulling them out, organising the books (files), and then pushing them
> back into the cabinet (Web site).

That's all I could figure out you might mean (and it fits into the sense
of "graft" (and "prune") I knew from 15 years go), but I still don't see
Konq doing that synching automatically, like some stand-alone FTP apps
will do, and it was about that example that I asked the poster who
claimed Konq would do anything a dedicated FTP client would to.  He
admitted that that claim had been an exaggeration.

> Hope it makes some sense,

Sure does.

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