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Re: Cached Pages

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [tbrothers] on Saturday 10 September 2005 23:37 \__
>> Google, and others, have my old website cached.  They have revisited
>> my new site but the old pages still show up.  How can I get Google
>> and the others to discard the cached pages?
>> Google also displays an incorrect image of my home page.
>> Thanks,
>> Terry
> I think you can either contact them and wish for a response.
> Otherwise, you may face a real challenge and have no easy solutions.
> You can either add "NO CACHE" (I'll need to look up the proper
> syntax) to your meta data and remove that metadata once the cache was
> flushed, if ever. Someone in alt.www.webmaster suggested that it
> rarely gets honoured, at least in his case.
> You can otherwise be more radical and stop crawling by changing
> robots.txt temporarily. Maybe if you encouraged more crawling, that
> /too/ would get the cache modified more frequently. Lastly, relying
> just on common sense, making your pages more dynamic (significant
> changes) would urge re-caching.
> Roy

For the first time, I used the Google automated URL removal process recently 
and it worked really well.  I made a mistake with the naming of a new htm 
file which was taken up by the system and started appearing in the results 
within a couple of days.  I did the removal process and the file name 
disappeared from the search results in just a few hours - not the 5 days, as 
promised.  Good service !
see here:

Best regards, Eric. 

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