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Re: What has Google done for us?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Many times before I complained about the lack of support for GNU/Linux
> platforms. Let us face the fact, however, that compilation and support for
> the variety of Linux distributions, for example, can be difficult.
> Furthermore, under some circumstances, it might expose code to the
> competition. To sum up, I would stick to Google regardless. Time will make
> the difference.

There is good and bad.

The main service that Google does for Linux is that it runs on Linux.

So, any advocate, when told by a Windiot that "nobody uses Linux" can say,
"well, if you've ever searched on Google, then you use Linux".

That said, I agree with rapskat that one would expect to see a lot of highly
visible Google sponsored projects related to pumping up the Linux desktop. 
For example -- why doesn't Google Earth run on Linux?   Not only that, but
they even flash a message on the Windows version touting using the DirectX
drivers over SDL.

Here's what I fear:

(1) That Google will become another Microsoft.  That is especially possible
since it seems a lot of former Microsoft people are migrating there now
that Microsoft's star has sunk.

(2) That Google will use its monopoly power to strangle any effort that
might remotely be able to surplant it.

(3) The Gnu/Linux community is very evolved when it comes to traditional
desktop and server software; however, I don't see that it's ever applied
its thinking to things like information search and retrieve.   Perhaps
because most of its leaders are either in their 50s or are hard nosed
systems developers; they don't really see or understand web, SOA, knowledge
search and all the post-Internet technologies that make up and are growing
the current technology.


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