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Re: Google changes in the last month

__/ [lolly] on Tuesday 13 September 2005 12:20 \__


> Wow! Nice site. What were we talking about...? Oh, SEO, of course... so
> the
> banners upon the bellybutton can go. They only disguise information and
> confuse the *ahem*... crawlers.


> many thanks

> * The site has 62 pages indexed. Does that make sense to you? Have you
> more?


> that sound about right about it

> * Google detects 9 inbound links, all of which from the site itself.
> Are
> there any external ones? Links from other sites, which out to get
> counted
> or be prominent enough to get listed?

> there are other inbound links from other sites - dont know why they
> havent been picked up

> * What traffic were you used to and what traffic are you getting now?


>traffic has increased slighty - adwords - and abit of offline marketing
> has helped

> * The site's code looks quite clean to me, but the underlying
> technology is
> a wee outdated. I notice that the design is based on tables, but I do
> not
> believe this to have any impact on SE performance.

> * Have you made any changes to your site recently? (or around the
> beginning
> of August)


> just slight ammendments

> * Have you got figures to compare against from August-September last
> year?


> start in november last year

> * Are the other site/s that you said was/were affected on the same Web
> host
> (#)? Are the other site/s similar in nature (niche)? Is its/their
> design
> similar?


>  yes same web host


> * Have your site/s gone down recently? If your site is down when the
> indices
> are re-built, e.g. in August 10th (I believe it was the 7th), your site
> can
> get neglected for a month. This had me penalised in February this year
> when
> there was scheduled maintenance to be carried out by the host (DNS
> migration). It is worth investigating. Check your logs to see if there
> were
> downtimes. Also consider having a look at traffic from crawlers and
> Google
> in particular.


> no downtime


> * Referring back to (#), has your host become slower in terms of
> service
> response time and/or bandwidth? You must always aspire to be at the top
> percentile when it comes to persistency of traffic.

> once again many thanks for your help roy & sam

Regarding links, search engine can spot them all, but do not necessarily
display everything they have found in the results page. In that sense,
everything is fine. I suggest you take a closer look at the logs and
discover what trends have shifted and where the lost traffic truly lies.

Lolly, I know you are frustrated at the moment, but you must learn to
properly compose in UseNet. The way you reply to message -- previously
without quoting, and now blending -- makes it extremely hard for me and the
rest of the group to follow the conversation. I tried to tidy things up,
primarily to have your answers isolated.


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