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Re: How much flash is too much?

__/ [KW Allen] on Wednesday 14 September 2005 17:48 \__

> I'd like to include some flash features on a new site we're developing
> but don't know how far we can go with it- or if we should even both at
> all. We're not planning a huge intro or anything, just a few "items of
> flair" to spice up the home page a bit.
> I've believe I've read older articles/posts (c. 2002 and prior) that
> flash can hinder robots and impact ranking in search results, but
> haven't seen any more recent remarks about it. Does anyone have any
> recommendations? Stay away from it all toghether? Is there a way to
> determine what's too much?
> Thanks for your help,
> KW Allen

Hi Allen,

I see that you have gone through some 'literature' already. Please make sure
that you read everything thoroughly. Search the 'Net for "Flash evil", for
example, as it would give you some of the more influential writings on the
topic (/issue). Also watch out for what Nielsen says on the topic, e.g.:


Threads on the topic tend to grow into giants, so I will try to sum up with
the following: Flash - never even to build menus (navigation), not to
contain the content of the page (e.g. might be OK for advertisements), not
to be used excessively, not to be overly heavy (bandwidth)...

Much more to be said... see some sites, which will provide answers. Flash
can be healthy if served in moderate amounts and sensibly. Know your
audience too. Kids love Flash. Techies often hate it.


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