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Re: Need an answer ASAP

__/ [Bob Newman] on Friday 16 September 2005 02:46 \__

> One of my programs is causing a conflict on my Palm Treo 650 (generic
> question though).  If I do a hard reset everything is okay but when I do
> my
> 1st hot sync it restores all my old programs with the old problems.  How
> can
> I keep it from resorting the after market programs previously installed? 
> I have to hot sync to get my address book and appointments back though.
> Hopefully I can get an answer before I have to go to work in the morning.
> Thanks... Bob

Good evening/morning,

The programs and data which get restored after a hard-reset are stored in
your Palm profile. I am not too sure about the Mac, but I believe it would
be similar to Windows. Either way, in the location where you installed the
Palm software, find a directory which corresponds to your username, e.g.
~/Palm Desktop/smithbob.

Find in this directory a subdirectory called Archive, which unlike Backup,
should contain all the programs that your are >currently said to be using<.
/Backup should contain all that you have ever used if I recall correctly.

Delete applications from /Archive as necessary. If you have a conflict and
want to isolate and pin-point that source of the error, only restore one
application at a time and see which one 'kills' your Treo.

Hope it helps and best of luck,


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