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Re: A theory

__/ [Krustov] on Friday 16 September 2005 02:52 \__

> Lots of people who want to start building websites for others have the
> problem of not being able to get clients - or make money .
> - if you have a car
> - pick a suitable large supermarket
> - ideal location would be a public road with a layby just before the
> entrance
> - use a standard A board saying .co.uk domain with one page website £90
> - type away on your laptop and pretend not to real bothered if anybody
> stops or not ..... make sure not to make eye contact with passing cars
> - hours between 10am to 8am
> Not interested myself - but what would you say the chances are of
> getting at least and at minimum 1 punter per day ? .
> Isnt the worst that could happen is you card the punters who stop out of
> curiosity .

You raised some interesting points. I have one site that only gets a handful
of visitors per day. Building a site is not enough. Making it look really
nice and unique is not enough either. The influence/impact of word-of-mouth
is very limited and the process time-consuming.

As well as putting a nice Web site in place, one needs to acquire some
'recommendations', often in the form of links. See, for example,
alt.internet.search-engines in UseNet where the issue is repeatedly

Remember that the Web is rather mature. Yet another ordinary site would have
to make a lot of fuss and concentrate on public relations in order to ever
grow or even become visible in a jungle of tens of millions of domains.


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