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Re: Lost Appointments

__/ [GMAN] on Friday 16 September 2005 15:07 \__

> A user in my office is no longer able to see his appointments. A
> few weeks ago his computer crashed. Everything had to be
> reinstalled, but all his info was still on his palm (m505). After
> setting up the computer we did a sync, everything seemed ok. He
> just noticed today that none of his appointments are showing up in
> the desktop or the palm. All his other info is there contacts, etc.
> Does anyone know a way to retrieve the appointment info? Is it
> possible to get it back?
> Thanks in advance

Is there still any access to the hard-drive in its older state (prior to
breakage)? If not, then a search for the data would be hopeless. Did the
data (appointments ) ever appear /after/ the computer was brought back to
'life'? If not, I suggest checking if backups of the hard-drive exist or an
external SD card (if purchased) of the handheld was ever used for backup.
Otherwise, there is absolutely no chance of recovery.

By the way, I would also recommend switching to a platform that is
relatively reliable. Whatever O/S your colleague was using is certainly one
factor to blame.


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