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Re: Palm Data Loss - Hard-Drive Crash

__/ [GMAN] on Friday 16 September 2005 18:42 \__

> The computer was running windows xp pro sp2. The crash was
> basically windows could no longer see the partition. So I was
> unable to recover any files off of the harddrive. The palm did
> retain all its data and after the computer was brought back up and
> a sync was done, that was when the appointments "To Do"
> disappeared. I do not think the user had a external sd card. This
> is a strange situation since all the data sync'd. I should have
> been more precise, all the recurring appointments did sync. Only
> the one time appointments disappeared.

As much as I would hate to say it, it seems as though you cannot resurrect
the data. I usually advice keeping the all data on two computers as well as
the handheld (e.g. by making a complete copy of the Palm profile directory
on the desktop). I personally keep my data in 4 or 5 different places.

I wish there was a backup mechanism on the Palm itself, but there is not.
Space is tight in handheld devices and backup responsibilities are
delegated to the desktop, which in turn should be backed up as well. Has
the handheld owner, at any time in the past, formed a mirror or copy of the

Hope it helps,


PS - Please quote snippets of original text when replying in UseNet.

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