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Re: Usenet Data

Using a pointed scraper and pebbles, [Blinky the Shark] stuck:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [Boobie] on Saturday 17 September 2005 06:38 \__
>>> I was surprised to find on Google Group my very first posts to Usenet
>>> back in 97....
>>> Where is the Usenet data stored ?
>> Google acquired a company that stored all of the data, which as far as
>> I know goes back to the dawn of UseNet. I can't recall the name of
>> that company, but I can check if you wish. That's when Google Groups
>> beta came out. Why is it still beta anyway? They are all right when
>> they say that it's an immature (pun intended) company...
> This is the second beta.  The old (original) GG went out of beta long
> ago.  When they started fscking with it last year (or was it early this
> year?) the new version became the new beta, and the original version
> coexisted with it until last month or so, when apparently ALL of the GG
> sites around the world finally switched over to the current beta.  In
> that interim, I kept a list of the old interface sites that could still
> used as long as possible until they, too switched over.
> See second link in my sig...

Yes, I read that once.


PS - Blinky, I installed Mandrake 9.2 with KDE 3.1 on a new machine. We're
twins... I just need to get me a coupla' fins now.

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