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Re: Linux Arrogance

__/ [Kelsey Bjarnason] on Saturday 17 September 2005 08:16 \__

> [snips]
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> A decent proportion of Windows users dislike the Linux community. They
>> sometimes describe Linux users as arrogant.
> And justifiably, in some cases.
> I was in an IRC Linux channel this evening.  In the space of less than
> 15 minutes, at least three people were treated like complete garbage
> because they dared to ask questions about the care and feeding of Linux
> systems.
> Two of the apparent regulars started spewing "Troll" over nothing more
> trollish than simply seeking help.  I finally left.  People of that sort
> don't benefit anything but their egos.

I agree with you at some level. I have seen some terrible intolerant
behaviour. My signatures are often occupied by Linux propaganda, but I
doubt anybody find that offensive. Humour is the emphasis.

There is one guy in alt.html who is a respectable lecturer who bashes just
about anyone who dares to write HTML that is not valid or conventional. The
Nazi analogy was even brought up at some stage. That sort of behaviour
often implies lack of confidence, insecurity hence the need for
self-satisfaction. Remember that all communities have their share of idiots
and embarrassment.

Yet another person, the moderator in alt.os.linux.suse is intolerant when it
comes to posts that do not conform with netiquette. He has been criticised
for that vicious attitude before, but overall you find that the Linux
community is far more united and supportive than most others. I feel the
same way among the LyX community and the WordPress community, both of which
are Open Source-oriented. Windows has no sense of community; not the same
proportion anyway). You often need to pay in order to get help as no
challenge is involved.

Thanks for raising an interesting point.


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