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Re: Tungsten T2 not charging (no charge light when on cradle)

__/ [sillyputty1967@xxxxxxxxx] on Sunday 18 September 2005 18:05 \__

> Hi all,
> I recently purchased a used Tungsten T2 on Ebay for the purpose of
> transferring its screen and other "guts" to my existing T2 housing. In
> the process of this operation, I accidentally broke one of the tiny
> wires to the Ebay unit's battery. I discovered this after trying to
> charge my "new" unit overnight and finding that it was not taking a
> charge. However, the green charge light on the cradle had been
> illuminating during the charge.

I have always been under the impression that the green light indicates a
connection, not necessarily a charge. I could test to check this, but not
on the current workstation. Worth mentioning is the fact that the E2 should
'feed' on the USB port even when the cradle is not connected to the mains.

The wire you broke was either some controller, e.g. to sense status or the
main channel for power, which I assume is thicker and less prone to
breakage. I am only guess though, so please take my words with a grain of

> I took the unit apart again and
> installed my old battery. The unit powers up fine and seems to be
> functioning properly in terms of syncing, etc., but the green charge
> light is no longer illuminating.

Is it possible that there is a loose connection or (another) broken wire?
Either way, that light is rarely essential for anything.

> Notes:
> 1. BatteryGraph confirms that the battery is not charging.

Maybe the problem is not the battery itself, but a wire, which you might be
able to graft from the old unit. It's like a regression test. See what you
can safely exchange until you pin-point the cause of the problem.

> 2. Performed by hard and soft resets to no avail.
> 3. Unit "beeps" during attaching and deattaching from the cradle.

That would be unrealted to battery. I suspect the same applies to the light
(see above).

> 4. Have tried jiggling the unit on the cradle and plugging and
> unplugging the cradle power supply to no avail.
> Any advice on what the problem might be?

The battery cannot be reached. See the channel between the battery and the
USB port, as oppose to the battery and its connection/s to the motherboard
(miniscule one, but the "terminology" still is acceptable, right?).

__/ [sillyputty1967@xxxxxxxxx] added on Sunday 18 September 2005 18:13 \__

> I wanted to add this:
> BatteryGraph (and battery indicator) is currently reporting a full
> charge.

I think full charge is somewhat of a 'default'. There is possibly not
battery drainage status reported. These things are typically optimistic.
Since sensitive data is involved, I guess they must never be.


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