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Re: OE to Thunderbird

__/ [Jack Ouzzi] on Monday 19 September 2005 09:30 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Don't be, it's easy and well worth the effort.
>> I would not consider using OE or Internet Explorer ever again!
> Nor me!!
> I will 'third' this!! Sally TRY IT .... easy to install (see below)
> more stable, less security holes ... Ditch OE & IE and sleep at night
> ;-)
>> Sally, Thunderbird is more like Outlook (when you add the necessary
>> one-click-installation extensions), so if anything, it will be an upgrade
>> in terms of functionality. Like I said before, all your mail settings and
>> data will be preserved. It's a wizard-based installation process.
>> http://www.mozilla.org/products/thunderbird/

I never lost sleep over Microsoft's suites, but data lock-ins probably
annoyed me the most. Also, it is nice to compose thousands of messages
without ever losing any text in the process. Textboxes in the browser
likewise. my supervisor uses IE and OE under XP and I see these crashes
regularly. I have to bite my lip at times.

Some people choose to suck their own poison; I, in turn, respect that. Okay
for me, bad for them, Jack. But why? Why if there is a better way... which
is free and inter-operable too. Cattle effect? Budled software bundled with
user laziness and unwillingness to learn?


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