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Re: Appointments and Data Recovery

__/ [-=rjh=-] on Monday 19 September 2005 05:15 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> That's a valid and good point, but I assume (without any prejudice) that
>> someone careless enough to avoid rapid backups of information will not
>> wish to go down this route, which can be super-expensive, time-consuming
>> and often fruitless.
> Depends on how much value the person puts on their data. The more
> valuable it is, the less likely it will be easily recovered :-)
> Sometimes it will be time consuming, but at the very minimum it only
> takes 5 minutes to boot from a Knoppix CDROM, which is a minimal
> investment for a very good return. You'll be amazed at what you can
> achieve, and with the open source forensics distributions I've used, you
> can achieve even more - it is almost scary when you look at it from a
> privacy point of view. It is interesting to see people's reactions when
> you demonstrate recovering deleted files.
> People so often assume that just because Windows won't boot, or the
> partition has disappeared, that the data is "lost" - then they reformat
> and start anew, and it really is lost, to all practical purposes.
>> I gave a talk on data recovery only days ago <
>> http://schestowitz.com/Speaking/2005/September/Data_Recovery/ > as people
>> kept losing their data and had no interest in recovery. A few of them
>> decided to change their practices.
> It is a topic that tends not to be discussed enough. My own view is that
> backups are fine, but even the best scheme is useless unless automated;
> and even then backups need verification.

Yes, data recovery is a whole big topic that could occupy (already has in
the SuSE NG recently) an entire large thread if not an entire Web site. I
was once told that the best and most cited paper/s on the issue is/are
somewhere in the Web site of Gutmann <
http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/ > from New Zealand. I could check in
more depth and point to the actual paper if necessary.


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