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Re: Subdomains and SEO

__/ [sph001@xxxxxxxxx] on Tuesday 20 September 2005 04:36 \__

> Hello, there have been iscussions before about the use of subdomains
> and SEO. Has there been any changes to the thinking that subdomains are
> an acceptable SEO practice?
> ie:  is   plasmatv.sony.com  and  www.sony.com/plasmatv/index.html
> are these about equivalent in the eyes of SEO?
> thanks
> Stephen Harris
> www.sph-associates.com
> Leveraging the Power of the Internet for your Business

Experience has taught me that subdomains are better avoided. Ranking
mechanisms (some of them, at least) treat them as separate entities.

Subdomains, however, have other valid reasons to be used, e.g.:

-Fragmentation of  statistics

-Management by separate users (e.g. FTP)

-Possibly sub-division to separate domains in the future 

-Different unrelated themes in one domain

-Predictions to deeper-level directories in the top-level domain.

Remember that subdomains might be difficult to maintain in the long run, but
they also offer some gains. Also, it is better, in my humble opinion, to
have one high-status site than to have content distributed. If you don't
believe me, wonder why microsoft.com and ibm.com, as big as they may be,
still stick to one domain. (exceptions like Windows Update spring to mind).


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