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Re: What do you use for video editing.

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>__/ [Jafar As-Sadiq Calley] on Monday 19 September 2005 13:36 \__

>> Hi.
>> I have Starship Troopers 2 on DVD and my kids want to watch it, but there
>> is one scene with a naked breast being caressed. The film is ok for the
>> kids otherwise.
>> If I rip it to divx, is there any software (cinelerra is masked and
>> broken) I can use to edit that breast out so they can watch it? Of course
>> I could sit there with the kids and wait for the scene to come up and
>> cover their eyes, but I don't trust my own timing. ;) Many thanks.

>Hi Jafar,

>I am not sure to what extent this is a *nix/Gentoo question, but here's my
>general opinion...

>If you seek software that will detect nudity and do so reliably, i.e.
>without false positives, then expect it to run for days just filtering the
>frames. Understanding of a scene whose nature is quite variant would be a
>hard task.

I do not think that he wants to do it automatically. I think he would be
happy if he could 
a) download the dvd to his hard disk.
b) replace the scenes with the breast with black screens. 
c) write the dvd back to a dvd so it could be watched on his DVD player
attached to his TV. 

Now, exactly why he would want to do so is a bit obscure to me, since his
kids all sucked at his wife's breast for the first few years of their
lives, but I guess he wants to do it. 

>Moreover, there is a lot of programming and probably a lot of dependencies
>involved. The best you can ever do is watch the film beforehand and remove
>frames which you find to be unsuitable for your children. There is no
>chance in hell that analysis like that can be done in real time.

>For such the task of editing any Open Source video editing suite would do.
>You can just replace unwanted frames with some uniform black frame, for
>instance. It would be very time consuming (possible lots of pasting
>involved) and then require re-burning of the DVD.

>My advice to you would be that you ought to fast-forward the film
>beforehand, learning when nudity appears (write it down if necessary).
>Thereafter, you can invite the children for some chocolate at the kitchen
>at just the right time. *smile*

I think he is worried that they will watch it without him present, or that
he will forget to invite them at just the right time. 

>So there. Not a very *nix-like or technical suggestion, but I hope it's
>valuable at some level or another.


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