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Re: Opera made free

__/ [Mikkel Moldrup-Lakjer] on Wednesday 21 September 2005 09:57 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [Mikkel Moldrup-Lakjer] on Tuesday 20 September 2005 23:19 \__
>>>Mikkel Moldrup-Lakjer wrote:
>>>>Opera has released a lincense free download of their browser in the
>>>>version without ads.
>>>>Their market strategy is explained here:
>> I think I'll have it installed later today. I wasn't going to at first,
>> but all the recent talk about it has got my hyped! *smile*
> It has some really cool features and smart intuitive navigation.
> However, it takes a little effort to get used to it, and I haven't had
> the patience to learn it all yet. Even I so I do appreciate some of the
> smart features it has.

>From what I hear, everything revolutionary that Opera offers (including
mouse gestures, for example) can in some way or another be incorporated
into Firefox.

> One think I like is that it saves all open tabs by default when I close
> my browser. (In Firefox I have to remember to "save all open bookmarks").
> I don't like the design of Opera, however, it looks clumsy and odd. I
> prefer Firefox to Opera mainly because of the overall coolness value of
> Firefox, but also because of some valuable extensions for web developers.

Yes, it would be hard for me to give up all the extensions I have at the
moment. I think these will ultimately prevent me from upgrading to Firefox
1.5... but lock-in due to features is a good thing, right? (as opposed to
data lock-in a la Windows and co.)

I tried Deer Park twice in the past and was appalled to see everything
breaking, so I reverted back to 1.0.x. I haven't touched Opera for 2 years.

> However, Opera is way in front of all other browsers (that I know of)
> when it comes to scaling pages. When I zoom in and out (plus and minus
> keys) Opera scales not only text but also images and it does so much
> better than other browsers (text is actually legible, which is not
> always the case in Firefox, I think).
> Opera ought now to become the preferred browser of all people with
> eyesight disabilities. Although I fear this might not happen.

A good friend of mine stuck with Firefox because of font size

>> I am thinking about all these 'wise guys' who thought they got a great
>> deal on Opera's 10th birthday.
> Hehe, I was one of them :-)
> However, on a 19" screen, it doesn't matter at all if you have the
> banner ads or not, I don't even notice the difference, and I think that
> was the only difference between the licensed and the unlicensed version,
> apart from the support.

It is a question of /resolution/, I think. I have seen people with 21"
monitors and a minimal screen resolution. It looks hedious. I can't stand
very low screen resolutions because it makes everything unworkable and
provided that eyesight is good, why not extend it? My display is over 2500
pixels wide at the moment. More workspace = more information.

>>>>They talk about a contract with Google. It seems to mean that they take
>>>>a share of the AdSense revenue created from Google searches made with
>>>>Opera? I am not sure I understand this correctly.
>> I read yesterday that Opera's revenue from licences only stands atr 25%
>> of their total revenue.
> But on top of that there was a 30% from the built-in banner ads.
>> The agreements are all rather fuzzy and the folk at Googlewatch/Scroogle
>> (Tor/Torr?) have a take on it, too.
> Ah, thanks, I will go have a look at that.
>>>I asked in a Danish news group where a user suggested the deal Opera got
>>>was similar to the Mozilla Firefox deal:
>>>(Mozilla being paid for keeping Google as the default browser in Firefox)
>>>Sounds probable.
>> It seems like the love affarit between the car and the pertol station.
> Hehe, I like that.
> Mikkel

I am noticing some typos now that I sit close enough to a monitor. I must
stop composing messages while having lunch. I am squinting from afar and
then relying on my spellchecker to do some 'magic'.


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