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Re: Demise of uk.comp.os.win2000 and uk.comp.os.win95

__/ [John of Aix] on Tuesday 20 September 2005 22:27 \__

> Charles Lindsey wrote:
>> The group uk.comp.os.ms-windows was formed on March 15th 2005 as a
>> replacement for the two existing groups uk.comp.os.win2000 and
>> uk.comp.os.win95.
> Goodness, a post.
>> The time has now come (indeed has long passed, but it seems to have
>> got overlooked) to remove the old groups. I shall do this within the
>> next couple of days (no further notice will be given).
>> There appear to be no outstanding thread in either group (the last
>> posts of consequence were way back in August).
>> ANY REMAINING READERS OF THESE GROUPS should therefore subscribe to
>> uk.comp.os.ms-windows instead.
> I subscribe but do not read because, as we all know, no one posts here
> anymore. May the group rest in peace.

There is only one issue: the Manchester Computing newsgroup server does not
appear to aggregate or even cater for a subscription to
uk.comp.os.ms-windows. I know that you too may have used that server in the
past. I hope something gets done on the matter shortly...


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